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Refund Policy

Refund Policy

“Delogo Studio” allows you to have your money back within 30 days of order placement & reserves the right to terminate this, at any time, with or without notice depending upon the scenario. This offer strictly implies that the refund is asked upon viewing the initial samples only, requesting for revisions on the initial design work shall be regarded as a continuation of the project & will make this guarantee annulled. We totally rely on customer’s prompt feedback during the design process to complete the task effectively and therefore hope that the customer gives a proper feedback in order to get the desired results.

I. We won’t entertain or refund any orders if the client stays non-responsive for 15 Days however, client can send us an email to hold the project if there is some personal issue.

II. In case the client wants to forfeit the website portion of the package after 30 days, refund won’t be applicable; though we can hold the project in such case and the client can come later and get the project started again.

III. Furthermore, customer shall forfeit the right to the refund outlined above if customer request additional revisions (1 or more design changes regardless of the complexity) or modifications to any of the initial concepts. You shall also forfeit the right to a refund if you do not respond in a timely manner to a status notification from “Delogo Studio”.

V. In case of finalizing one part of the order the customer won’t be eligible for a refund for the rest of the remaining package.

VI. 24-hour design fees and 24-hour rush changes are non-refundable.

VII. We won’t entertain or refund any orders if the client changes his/her mind.

VIII. No refund is available for design firms or for those who order our design services on behalf of another entity. If an order cancellation request is posted prior to the delivery of initial concepts, you are eligible for a refund. In case of a duplicate charge, the 100% amount will be returned. If design requirements are not fulfilled, committed at the time of sale or the designs are not delivered in accordance with the delivery policy, though a proof is required for such commitment, refund can be claimed. You agree that for bundle packages (for e.g. Logo, Stationary, Website, Social Media and Brochure) refund will be as per the services availed. If there is any discontinuation with certain service included in the bundle package, then the refund must be claimed before the initiation of that service.

Delogo Studio refund policy will be nil if:

  • You have chosen a special package.
  • The primary design concept has been approved.
  • You have demanded revisions.
  • The cancellation has been made due to reasons non-related to the company.
  • The company has not been contacted for more than 2 weeks of project.
  • Company’s policies, or policy, have been violated.
  • Other company or designer has been approached for the same project.
  • The creative brief is lacking in required information.
  • A complete design change has been demanded.
  • The claim has crossed the given ‘request for refund’ time span.
  • The business is closing or changing name or business.
  • Please note that promotional offers are non-refundable. Once a purchase is made under a promotional offer, refunds will not be provided. We encourage customers to review all terms and conditions before availing of any promotional offers. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Reasons such as ‘change of mind’, ‘disagreement with partner’ or other reasons that do not pertain to the service will not be subject to refund under any circumstances.
  • If a client subscribes for a service bundle and happens to be dissatisfied with a particular service, refund will only be applicable on that particular service and ‘not’ the entire bundle.
  • The client will not be entitled to any refunds after 7 days, from the date of purchase.
  • Services including but not limited to Social Media, SEO, Domain Registration and Web Hosting are not entitled to refunds under any circumstances.
  • In case of websites, refunds will not be entertained once the client has approved the design and the website is sent for development.
  • All communication between Delogo Studio team and the customer should be documented on a registered email address provided by the customer.
    – For order delivery, the Company shall contact the customer through the email address provided by the customer at least three times.
    – In case of no response from the customer, after three emails (including delivery and reminders) and the expiry of seven consecutive working days from the delivery of the project, the project shall be deemed accepted by the customer and the company shall not be liable for any refunds after this date as the company has already deployed resources for project fulfillment and allowed reasonable time to the customer to respond.
    – Further, If the customer is non-responsive on his registered email address with the company for 10 consecutive days, the money-back guarantee offer becomes void for the contract/project.
    – Delogo Studio will review and uphold the offer at its own discretion.

Note: The Delogo Studio holds all rights to reject any project or cancel the contract whenever it deems necessary. After the refund, you will not have any rights to use the designs for any purpose; they will be the sole property of Delogo Studio. The company will be the rightful owner of the designs.